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Young architects design in the Sea City

The Museum of Sailing and the Film Harbour at the Fishermen’s Pier? These are some of the interesting proposals of architecture students for the arrangement of this mysterious place. The area of the Sea City kindles the imagination of architects, hence we are truly looking forward to further innovative proposals.

A project of the Museum of Sailing located in a 87-metre-tall building in the shape of a sail by the Fishermen’s Pier is a proposal submitted by Agata Morawczyńska, a graduate of architecture at the Poznań University of Technology. The project has been created as part of her master’s thesis. As she was born in Gdynia, it is precisely in her hometown that she decided to situate the very subject completing the studies pursued. The structure of the museum refers to its nature and the place envisaged for its construction, as it resembles a sail of a ship. Its design provides for a space for a lift making it possible to change exhibits, hand them over for renovation or add subsequent ones that could be lifted to an appropriate floor through an interior atrium.

The designer has also planned the manner of how the museum is to be visited. The exhibition would be explored starting from the top floor, with subsequent visits being paid to the lower ones. The underground part is to house lecture rooms and a workshop with a cloakroom. On the fourth floor, due to the excellent views made possible by an additional overhang supported by steel cables, a restaurant and a play area for children have been located. On the 15th floor, the architect has placed a viewpoint.
The artist has moreover planned a public park with an exhibition space for students and artists. It also encompasses a reservoir, where visitors may admire the fantastic boat “S/Y Korsarz”, and a small marina reserved for yachts.
The concept of the Museum of Sailing is consistent with the local spatial development plan for a part of the Śródmieście district of Gdynia, in the vicinity of the Fishermen’s Pier. It provides for a place for historic yachts (“Dal”, “Kumka IV”, “Opty” and “Miranda”) along with the rigging and sails.

A design prepared by Martyna Nagórska, a student of architecture at the Gdańsk University of Technology, constitutes a yet another interesting proposal for the renovation of the building located by the Fishermen’s Pier. She has proposed to adopt the former cold rooms at the Fishermen’s Pier to serve as the Film Harbour. Her work has won the competition announced by the Mayor of the City of Gdynia for the best diploma thesis on Gdynia among the works prepared at the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdańsk University of Technology. The competition is open to students whose works tell a story about Gdynia, meet the urban needs, their features refer to reality and represent a high aesthetic level. In this year’s edition of the competition, it was Martyna Nagórska who has taken home the first prize in the category of diplomas defended in 2019. Prof. dr hab. Eng. arch. Antoni Taraszkiewicz was the thesis supervisor, and dr Eng. arch. Elżbieta Marczak was the thesis reviewer.

photo: press materials