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The City of Gdynia released its statistics for the visitor numbers for the year 2019

More than 3 million tourists visited Gdynia in 2019, 30% of those arrived by sea, as demonstrated in the annual report released by the Gdynia Tourist Board. The most popular tourist attraction was the Gdynia Aquarium. Amongst the events organized in the city,  the greatest crowd pullers were as always – the Open’er Festival and the Polish Feature Film Festival.

In 2019, Gdynia was visited  by 3 121 000 tourists. This is an impressive number. More and more people visit us by sea. Last year 12 241 vessels of all kinds arrived in ports with a total of 952 924 passengers on board. The most popular means of transport are ferries, which brought nearly 700 thousand people.  At the Gdynia Marina, there were 60 passenger ships moored with 237 410 travellers and 11 238 yachts.

Both in the sector of leisure and hospitality industry, and the sector of business travel, Gdynia recorded significant growth. What we should all focus on, is consolidating and strenghtening this trend, so that every year the number of our visitors increases by another several percent. We aim not only to make Gdynia evoke postive associations as an interesting destination for those who like their leisure time or vacations to be an interesting experience, but also so that it is perceived as an optimal destination for organizing a variety of meetings and congresses.  We hope that such a message will be consolidated and reinforced both in Poland and abroad –said Michał Guć, Gdynia’s Deputy Mayor for Innovation.

Apart from leisure and event tourism the city focusses on business tourism. In 2019 there were more than 2 thousand congresses, conferences, fairs, exhibitions and corporate events organised in the city, attended by more than 177 thousand visitors.

The local government officials carefully study the tourist behaviour and the most popular choices made by the visitors. It turned out that more than a million persons (1 124 357) visited the Gdynia museums. The most popular, as always, was the Gdynia Aquarium, with 463 530 visitors. In second place came the Experyment Science Centre, visited by 231 266 people. The podium was also reached by the Polish Naval Museum, with 159 000 visitors.

What also serves as a strong magnet for tourists is the variety of cultural and sports events, which are being consistently promoted and developed by the organizers.  Amongst the cultural events with the largest number of participants, both local and international, is the Open’er Festival (110 000 visitors) and the Polish Feature Film Festival (65 000 visitors).  As far as sporting events are concerned, the most popular in terms of visitor numbers turned out to be the Verva Street Racing event, which attracted 300 thousand people. 310 000 visitors attended the Gdynia AeroBaltic air show. The Red Bull Air Race attracted an audience of more than 80 000.