Dear Sir or Madam,

We are witnessing the birth of a new district in Gdynia – Sea City. This is an amazing moment in history. Areas that were hitherto excluded from the life of the city will now be absorbed by it. Gdynia is gaining more area in a unique location. All over the world, sites located at the interface of land and water significantly increase a city’s attractiveness and become its heart, as they are frequently visited by residents and tourists.

I am enormously proud to be able to participate in the formation of a new district. Such a moment happens only a few times in a city’s history. We can follow not only the erection of new buildings, but also the development of whole quarters of streets. Renowned architectural studios have created designs that in no way differ from those used in projects currently being carried out around the world. I am convinced that the city, by building new roads, creating favourable conditions for investors, and defining functions for this area, will contribute to its rapid development.

We will all gain a new neighbourhood that will provide space for walking, relaxation and leisure as well as a site for entertainment, amusement and business. Residents and tourists will love this district that will blend with the current centre of Gdynia. What makes a city is its inhabitants, and its different areas develop only when the inhabitants of the city want to be there, invest and work there.

We are designing and building Sea City for you, our children and future generations. As it turns out, we can complete the work of our ancestors – a city that was born of sea and dreams.

Wojciech Szczurek,

Mayor of Gdynia

The modern city centre with areas designed for leisure, relaxation and business will extend over 74 hectares and will be located in close proximity to the waterfront in Gdynia. The Bay of Gdańsk will gain a second city centre – Sea City – that will be inhabited by more than 10 thousand people.

Sea City encompasses an area located in the centre of Gdynia with immediate access to the waters of the Bay of Gdańsk. From the beginning of the city’s history, these areas were used for the purposes of the shipbuilding industry; therefore, they have been excluded from the process of urbanization. Currently, these industrial sites are taking on an urban character, and their potential and opportunities for development are being seized by entrepreneurs who incorporate modern residential buildings into these areas, as well as buildings designed for services and business purposes.

Sea City encompasses areas extending from Presidential Basin, through the premises of Dalmor, and on to areas occupied by Nauta S.A. Ship Repair Yard. The city and its inhabitants will benefit from a prestigious site with an area of more than 71 hectares situated on the seafront. Many of these areas are located on jetties surrounded by water on three sides. Urban planners and architects appreciate the potential of areas located at the interface of land and water. These areas usually take on the function of business and entertainment centre. The unique nature of the former shipyard areas in Gdynia, their excellent and convenient location in the immediate vicinity of the city centre, well connected to the existing road network and, most importantly, their unique and splendid views, increase their strength and attractiveness.

The city of Gdynia is actively involved in the process of transforming these areas as well as the change of their function from old industrial to new urban areas. The city council has adopted two spatial development plans for this area. They define the functions of this terrain for investor purposes. The main objective of the development of the site of Sea City is to leave the area fully accessible to residents and tourists, who could take advantage of its properties and enjoy the uniqueness of its landscape.

Sea City will be a modern district of Gdynia, designed for residential, service and business purposes. Inhabitants will gain a space for walking and leisure, tourists will enjoy its splendid views, and this will be enhanced by a cultural and entertainment zone.