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Sailors Using the New Marina

The first sailing yacht has entered the new Yacht Park Marina in Gdynia. The overwater part of the investment project has been put into use. Construction works related to the marina administration building are still in progress, but sailors can already moor at new berths.

The first yacht to enter the new Gdynia harbour has been S/Y Legia. It is a particularly unique vessel from 1968, on board of which for instance Colonel Kukliński sailed. Currently the yacht is the property of the Polish Navy Yacht Club Kotwica. After the marina was put into use, it has served O’pen BIC Class sailors from a child sailing school. The organisers hope there will be yachts aplenty at the marina soon.
The Yacht Park Marina has been constructed at the President’s Basin in Gdynia and is a part of a large investment project carried out on the waterfront.

“We are able to host, very comfortably, 120 vessels, meaning sailing yachts over 10 metres. And also smaller units, like jet skis or RIBs,” says Marek Wójcik, Gdynia Yacht Park Marina Manager. “The marina will also have many technical and sanitary facilities, including rooms for our guests, showers, toilets or a forecastle, that is a room designed for preparing meals or organise meetings.”

The entire investment project, including the necessary facilities for sailors, is to be completed before this summer season, as the organisers intend to make the new object fully available for the season.

“At the end of June, no later than in the mid July, we want to already participate in the events organised by Gdynia, the World Championship, sailing regattas or the Sea Days. We will certainly be ready by then, with all technical facilities and the marina administration opened, able to provide services expected by sailors at any modern marina,” Marek Wójcik assures.

The investor of the new marina is the capital group Polski Holding Nieruchomości.

Fot. Kamil Złoch,