Nowa Węglowa and Waszyngtona Streets

The area of the so-called “Międzytorze” covers lands situated to the north of Jana z Kolna Street to the port’s borders. This is the largest complex of development areas of the northern part of the city centre in Gdynia with a surface area of 600 thousand m2.  

The planned built up area, marked out by the new designed streets, will continue the historic urban network of the city centre in Gdynia and refer to unimplemented plans of the city from the interwar period. These areas, which have been occupied by the shipbuilding industry so far, are currently incorporated into the urban fabric. A green passageway, cutting urban quarters, partially marked out after a closed down railway siding leading to Dalmor lands is to be the attraction of this area. The passageway will be an alternative, in relation to the street layout, route linking the new investment areas with the region of PKP Main Station and a reserve for future collective transport solutions.

Residential buildings combined with a wide range of city central services are planned in the territory of Międzytorze. A trade and service complex along with a large car-park, which will be a part of the integration node designed in the region of PKP station, are projected in the vicinity of the station.