Area along Waszyngtona Street

Gdynia Waterfront will be the site of a new modern district of the city that will be located on the waterside of the Bay of Gdańsk, immediately adjacent to the Śródmieście district of Gdynia. The area of 8.5 hectares, located along Waszyngtona Street, is waiting for an investor that will exploit the potential of this site and implement interesting plans.


At the end of 2012, Stocznia Nauta moved most of its production facilities to the areas previously owned by Gdynia Shipyard. The area of 8.5 ha, previously occupied by the company in Waszyngtona Street, was earmarked for investment projects involving the creation of residential, service, office and leisure facilities.

Currently, Stocznia Remontowa NAUTA SA is looking for investors that will develop the plot located in Waszyngtona Street, while making it available to residents and tourists.

The local spatial development plan for this part of the city lays down provisions that define the functions of this district. With these in mind, Waterfront will be perfectly integrated with the current centre of the city and will ensure a diverse arrangement of space. The aim is for the creation of a broad range of residential, service, hotel and commercial facilities. Here people will be able to work, go shopping and relax. The city authorities are well aware of the importance of an efficient road system for the development of this site; therefore, plans for the extension of the existing streets and construction of new links are already being developed to facilitate the connection of this area to the rest of the city.