Observatory of Changes in Gdynia

This building is characterised by an unprecedented architectural design and purpose on a national scale. Greatly admired by tourists and fully appreciated by residents, it was recognised by the Pomeranian Marshal in the competition for the “Best public space of the Pomeranian Voivodeship”.

The idea behind the erection of the InfoBox was the establishment of an institution that will gather comprehensive information on the spatial management plans of the city as well as be involved in the current life of Gdynia by presenting its broad cultural offerings.

InfoBox in Gdynia is a centre that collects information about the great transformations and investment projects planned and currently underway in the city. The information is presented in an attractive way, using modern multimedia techniques. The location of the Observatory was not chosen by accident. The area at the junction of Świętojańska Street with 10 Lutego Street offers one the possibility to observe the centrally located areas of the city which are currently undergoing the process of revitalisation. The InfoBox presents the revitalisation plans for the post-industrial areas that were once used by shipyards, fishing and processing companies, and whose urban functions are now being restored. The 22-metre-high tower provides fine views of the progress of the investment projects being carried out in the former shipyard areas.

The modern architectural design of the building is also particularly admired, since InfoBox is composed of 65 containers. In principle, an intrinsic aspect of the project is its temporary and variable function, and it was designed with this in mind. Once the project of modern Sea City, erected in the former shipyard areas, has been completed, the facility could be moved to another location, where new investment projects or transformations will be carried out.

InfoBox also serves an essential role in fostering culture by being involved in various cultural events organised in the city. It is a place to organise exhibitions, happenings and other cultural undertakings. The arrangement of the area surrounding the Observatory makes it ideal for leisure and relaxation; that is why residents and tourists gladly spend their free time there.

“InfoBox in Gdynia is an example of a well-thought-out integration of new public space with public facilities that has come to fruition in a part of the city centre area that is difficult to develop,” said Mieczysław Struk, Pomeranian Marshal, during the Pomeranian Regional World Tourism Day Celebrations, in the course of which InfoBox in Gdynia was recognised as the best public space of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.