Yacht Park

Construction of Yacht Park, a luxury residential complex, starts on a wharf of the Fishing Pier. An unforgettable view of Gdańsk Bay, marina and pier will stretch away from the buildings’ windows.
The Capital Group of Polski Holding Nieruchomości SA has obtained a decision on permit to build the residential complex in Hryniewickiegdalmor cmyko Street in Gdynia. This is the first stage of the investment performed within an agreement with mLocum SA company.
The investment will comprise six 5-storey residential multi-family buildings situated on a surface area of approx. 6.3 thousand m2. 135 apartments with a total surface area of 9.6 thousand m2 will be built. Rooms located on the ground-floor of the buildings will serve trade and service purposes. Construction of this stage is planned to be finalized in 2019. The second stage of the project – building of a modern office complex with an estimated surface area of approx. 25 thousand m2 – will begin in 2018. This stage should be finished by 2020. For example, construction of a marina for 120 vessels, the Sailing Museum, park, squares and embankments open for general use which will make it possible to rest and enjoy the beautiful view fully will be amongst the investments carried out in the territory of the Fishing Pier.


PHN and the City of Gdynia authorities want to cooperate in the implementation of road investment projects in the city centre and in the area surrounding Fishing Pier. The modernisation of roads is one of the objectives of the revitalisation of Gdynia’s waterfront. According to the plans, it will involve the implementation of large development projects, including “Fishing Port”, an investment project planned by Polski Holding Nieruchomości that will be carried out in the coastal areas owned by Dalmor.