Not only the Sea City is going to change its face in the near future

For many years, Gdynia citizens have been waiting for the implementation of the investment at the square between Władysława IV, Armii Krajowej and Obrońców Wybrzeża streets. In the near future, the previously neglected square is going to change its face. In the summer of this year, the investor planning to build three buildings in this place obtained a building permit, and recently the trees and shrubs growing over the site have been removed, which heralds the commencement of construction works.


The information has been confirmed by Hossa, the investing company. The area is currently being prepared for the implementation of a new investment consisting in the construction of two residential buildings and a public utility building. The construction works themselves will start until spring of 2018. Good news for residents is the fact that the investment has been planned so as to, in addition to supplementing the frontage of this part of Władysława IV Street, also create a new square between the buildings, which is going to be a new public space. There will also be a car park with public parking spaces under the same buildings.