New Gdynia terminal

New Gdynia terminal

Large ferries with a length of up to 240 metres will be able to dock in the port of Gdynia, at the new terminal that has just been completed. The investment valued at nearly 300 million PLN included the construction of a passenger terminal building, a ramp, a warehouse, car parks and a manoeuvring area, as well as the reconstruction of the quay. It is currently the most technologically advanced facility in the Baltic Sea region.

The new terminal will enable faster docking upon entry into port, as the facility is located close to the main entrance, at the Polish Quay. It will also allow for admission of longer vessels than previously.

– It is a public terminal. It is designed to serve more operators than before, at the terminal that operated deep inside the inner port of Gdynia. Currently, we have four slots at our disposal, which means we will be able to service four ferries per day. It is worth pointing out the location of this terminal, it is much closer to the main entrance to the port. The largest ferries that will be able to call here can reach up to 240 metres in length. We estimate that they will not need to spend more than 120 minutes at the quays – said Jacek Sadaj, CEO of the Port of Gdynia Authority.

As part of the investment, a beautiful building was constructed, whose architecture refers to the Modernist tradition of Gdynia. A warehouse building comprising 7,000 cubic metres was also erected. Manoeuvring areas and vehicle parking covering an area of up to 6.5 hectares were also created. The quay has been extensively redeveloped, a special ramp has been provided, and the rail and road infrastructure has been upgraded with technical installations to reduce emissions from ferries moored alongside the quay. The new terminal is located close to the city centre, which is a great advantage for passengers.

– The relocation and construction of a new ferry terminal is, on the one hand, an opportunity to increase the volume of both passenger and freight traffic entering our city by ferry, but it is also the location of the terminal, which will enable our guests to take a longer ‘stroll’ to the city centre, to Świętojańska Street. These are not only new features, but also an important component of the economic development of the port and the city of Gdynia – said Wojciech Szczurek, the Mayor of Gdynia.

The terminal will be used by various operators. In addition to the Swedish carrier Stena Line, present in Gdynia since 1995, it will also be possible to board vessels of the Polish Baltic Shipping Company [Polska Żegluga Bałtycka], also known as Polferries. This means that new passenger connections to Sweden are likely to be on offer. The new terminal is also expected to provide more ro-ro connections. The first passengers are likely to arrive at the new terminal in early 2022. The recently completed public ferry terminal is currently one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the entire Baltic Sea region.


The cinema celebration begins in Gdynia

The cinema celebration begins in Gdynia

After a year’s break, the Polish Film Festival returns to its standard formula. The screenings of competition films will be held with audience participation. The organisers have prepared many additional attractions for film enthusiasts, such as exhibitions, discussions and live concerts.

The festival of the Polish cinema begins on 20 September and for six days the city will be alive with the ambience of cinema.

– I am very pleased that this year’s edition of the festival will be held in the traditional format. Above all, it is an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a film festival. Guests of the festival, numerous meetings, exhibitions, festival screenings – this heralds a special time for the residents of Gdynia. I know that many of us really enjoy this time and eagerly participate in the events. We have a fantastic cinema celebration ahead of us in Gdynia – says Wojciech Szczurek, the Mayor of Gdynia.

The Festival will feature new Polish film productions competing in three categories – short films, micro-budget films and the Main Competition. This year, 16 films will compete for the festival’s most important award – the Golden Lions. Among them are 6 feature films which are directorial debuts.
– If I were to find any trends emerging from the Main Competition, the filmmakers have been looking to the past quite a lot. We have a great many productions that are historical films, set in the past. These are, on the one hand, titles referring to the period of World War II, but, above all, those taking place during the era of the Polish People’s Republic. These are films based on facts, real events, such as Żeby nie było śladów [So that there are no traces] by Jan Matuszyński or Hiacynt [Hyacinth], which refers to the operation of the secret police against homosexuals. We have films about Kalina Jędrusik or Najmrodzki, the Polish Getaway King, but there are also productions that refer to „small” history, such as Zupa nic [‚Nothing’ soup] by Kinga Dębska or Powrót do Legolandu [Return to Legoland] by Konrad Aksinowicz. These are family stories set in communist Poland – stressed Kolankiewicz.

Film screenings will take place at the Musical Theatre, Gdynia Film Centre and Helios cinema at the Gdynia Riviera. Some of the competition films and productions from the non-competition sections will also be screened online, on the VOD platform of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.
Festival organisers have also prepared many additional events to complement the festival’s thrills. Exhibitions have been prepared to commemorate two outstanding Polish directors – Andrzej Wajda and Krzysztof Kieślowski. Young filmmakers will have the opportunity to talk to experienced producers and directors.
Music is an inseparable part of film, so it could not fail to be included at the Festival. Both the Gdynia Film Centre and the Concert Shell in Grunwaldzki Square will host live concerts. The artists will perform hits of film music.

photo Przemysław Kozłowski/

City creates the pier of the future

City creates the pier of the future

The Gdynia self-government intends to change the development of the South Pier[molo Południowe], John Paul II Avenue[aleja Jana Pawła II] and Kościuszko Square[skwer Kościuszki]. A competition for the new development of this attractively located site has just been announced and architects are invited to submit their ideas for exploiting its potential.

The most important compositional axis of Gdynia will be redesigned. The area, which is frequented by locals and tourists, will acquire a new look. The President of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek, would like this space to meet the expectations of residents and visitors even better.

– I see the need to make it more attractive, to integrate representatives of different environments and age groups, and to combine complexity and multifunctionality by linking its cultural, recreational and tourist functions together. This space identifies Gdynia, brings together residents and tourists during sporting and cultural events, as well as during everyday activities – said Wojciech Szczurek, President of Gdynia.

Architects will be able to present their vision for the development of this much-loved urban space. However, the city has set its expectations. The city officials would like the proposals to refer to the modernist character of the Gdynia City Centre and be its creative interpretation. „The Pier of the Future”, as the area was defined in the tender, should reflect the traditions and ambitions of Gdynia as a modern and open city.

– The competition is not a guarantee of the only and perfect solution, but it is the best method known for exploring ideas, concepts or visions. And it always opens up opportunities for debate and dialogue about the city, which is particularly important in relation to such an exceptional space – emphasizes Dr. Eng. arch. Bartosz Macikowski, President of the Council of the Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland [Rada Pomorskiej Okręgowej Izby Architektów RP].

The South Pier[molo Południowe] is where many families spend their free time. The proposed functional and spatial solutions should therefore promote social interaction and urban activities at any time of the year and regardless of weather conditions. The new space should also prioritize strong aesthetics, place identity and use of natural surroundings, and take into account the needs of different age groups and people with disabilities.
The deadline for submitting designs is November 15, 2021. The proposals for the Pier of the Future will be evaluated by an eight-person jury, which includes, among others, Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała, Deputy Mayor for Economic Affairs, Renata Stelmach, City Architect, and Filip Springer, a well-known reporter who focuses in his work on the aesthetics of public spaces and architecture. The jury is chaired by Prof. Ewa Kuryłowicz, PhD, Eng. architect, from the Warsaw University of Technology. Results of the competition are expected to be announced on December 10, 2021.
The awarded and prizewinning works will be an inspiration for determining the development and future transformation of the South Pier[molo Południowe] area, Kościuszki Square[Skwer Kościuszki] and the neighbourhood of 10 Lutego Street. They can also be used, for example, in formulating the provisions of local legislation, as well as in other competitions or investment activities concerning the area.

For information and competition documents, visit

Humbleness in architecture

Humbleness in architecture

The participants of the 11th Architecture Weekend will face the difficult concept of “humbleness” in the approach to sustainable urban design and development. The speakers will consider how to create new urban spaces taking into account the context of the site and its surroundings, while respecting social responsibility.

Another Architecture Weekend is coming up. This cyclical event brings together professionals involved in shaping urban space, as well as architecture enthusiasts. They gather every year in Gdynia to discuss current challenges facing designers and urban planners. This year (26-29.08), the theme is humbleness, modesty, restraint – both as a guideline for architects, local authorities and residents themselves.
The post-pandemic world has also changed the way we think about both urban and building design. The use of urban spaces has changed, as have housing needs. This topic will be addressed by the participants in the debate entitled “The New Minimum – what kind of housing do Polish women and men need?”. They will discuss the standards that the new housing developments should meet, consider what tools are available to change the current housing situation, and how much and what kind of housing space our fellow countrymen and women require.
Prof. Michał Stangel of the Silesian University of Technology will share some interesting insights into how city dwellers have altered their way of life after the pandemic.

The opening day of the event will begin with lectures focused on the theme “Living Between Buildings – The Humble City”. Speakers will include Paweł Paradowski and Przemysław Kokot from the architectural design studio ZOA Architekci, who will talk about their experiences in urban design in sub-Saharan Africa, based on the example of the city of Kalemie in the DR of Congo.

The second day of this year’s ARCHI Lectures in Gdynia will be devoted to 20th century architecture. Speakers will discuss such topics as public and post-industrial buildings of the 20th century, as well as the concept of “humbleness and pride” of Brutalist architecture. Panellists will discuss examples of projects and their implementation in Poland and in Europe. Dr Justyna Borucka will discuss the concept of post-industrial and public architecture in the Tricity in the 20th century.

In addition to heated discussions and interesting presentations, the event organisers have also prepared many additional attractions for their regular guests. There will be film shows about architecture and architects, meetings with book authors, photo walks and exhibitions, as well as architecture workshops for children and teens.
The Architecture Weekend was organised in partnership with The National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning. The contractor and coordinator of the event is the Gdynia Development Agency.
The event programme is available HERE.

The builder of Port of Gdynia celebrates his birthday

The builder of Port of Gdynia celebrates his birthday

Gdynia celebrated the 158th birthday of port builder and designer Tadeusz Wenda. The event included a birthday cake, music from the inter-war period, dancing and quizzes. The Museum of the City of Gdynia has prepared a programme for a city walk-about in the footsteps of Tadeusz Wenda.

Gdynia City Council on the 95th anniversary of granting city rights and the 100th anniversary of the commencement of port construction, proclaimed 2021 to be the Year of Tadeusz Wenda. On this occasion, a number of events have been planned to commemorate the engineer and his contribution to the city.

On 29 May, a monument to the builder of Gdynia’s port was unveiled on Rybackie pier, at spur no. 1 in Arkadiusz Rybicki Street. This is where the fans of Tadeusz Wenda met on 23 July to celebrate his birthday. The reception was attended by the engineer’s granddaughter, Hanna Wenda-Uszyńska, and was held in a beautiful seaside setting. It is likely that the view of the Bay of Gdańsk was often admired by the engineer when he supervised work on the construction of the port.

There were also additional attractions provided by the Museum of the City of Gdynia. Guests could take part in a quiz testing their knowledge on the life of Tadeusz Wenda and in a walk around the city following in the engineer’s footsteps.

Throughout the year, the Museum of the City of Gdynia is committed to presenting the profile of this remarkable man. They also prepared a website dedicated to the They also developed a proposal for a city walk-about following in his footsteps. This is a great way to spend your leisure time and search for the mementoes of the engineer  in Gdynia. We will find out where the engineer lived at the time when he supervised the construction of the port, the route he took to get to work, and we will also learn about his subsequent workplace. The walk begins at Washington Street and ends at Morska Street. The entire route is 3.5 km long, so it is accessible for everyone. You can download the guide to the walkabout from the website and visit the places the engineer was associated with and where he walked. Many of them have changed dramatically since his time. New buildings have been erected in many places, as Sea City is now being built on land that was formerly occupied by the shipyard. On 14 August this year, it will be possible to walk this route with a group led by the creator of the guide to the walk-about – Dawid Gajos accompanied by Dagmara Płaza-Opacka. You will probably be able to discover many interesting facts about Tadeusz Wenda and his beautiful adventure with Gdynia.

photo/ Śliżewska

Polboat Yachting Festival comes to Gdynia for the second time

Polboat Yachting Festival comes to Gdynia for the second time

More than 60 luxury vessels such as sailing yachts, houseboats, speedboats or water scooters can be admired until 21 July this year at the Gdynia Marina Yacht Park. It is a unique opportunity to see cutting edge vessels built in Polish and foreign shipyards. This is already the second edition of the exclusive industry event Polboat Yachting Festival.

Last year’s edition of the festival attracted many spectators. This year the organizers have considerably expanded the scope of the event, the spectators will also be able to see more vessels. Polish manufacturers and distributors will present the latest range on offer by the yachting industry during the exhibition. The event is a highlight for those outside the industry, as it provides an opportunity to view and inspect craft that only their owners enjoy on a daily basis.

– Last year we had 40 vessels, this year there are more than 60. This shows that the second edition is heading in the right direction – says Sebastian Nietupski, President of the Polish Chamber of Yachting and Watersports Industry [Polska Izba Przemysłu Jachtowego i Sportów Wodnych], Polskie Jachty. – We are glad, that we can also be here together with the city of Gdynia and the Polish Yachting Association – he adds.

At this year’s Festival, as many as seven debut vessels will be showcased: Maxus 34, Galeon 325 GTO, Saxdor 320, Nimbus T8, Flipper 900 DC, Wave 50, Cranchi T36 Crossover. As part of the #ZostańWodniakiem campaign, visitors will be able to take part in free sailboat and speedboat cruises. Those who sign up in advance via the festival website will be able to get on board the yachts and explore their interiors.

– An extremely prestigious event which also demonstrates that the Polish yacht manufacturing industry ranks among the best in the world. Today we produce boats that are exported all over the world, and the Polish manufacturers’ brand is outstanding – comments Wojciech Szczurek, the President of Gdynia.

The organizers have also made a provision for those who cannot come to Gdynia in person to participate in the event. Contact with exhibitors will be available in the form of a virtual tour using VR technology.
The Polboat Yachting Festival will be concluded with a spectacular parade. The yachts and boats on display will depart from the Presidents’ Basin, arrange themselves in formation and sail towards Sopot.


Maritime history of Gdynia

Maritime history of Gdynia

Guided by a professional photographer, the participants of the open-air photographic workshop “Gdynia Maritime Legend Trail” were on the lookout for perfect camera shots. The photographic walk-about was part of the Sea Festival celebrations and preceded this year’s edition of the competition “Legenda Morska w Obiektywie” [Maritime Legend in a Lens].

The municipal self-government cultivates the city’s relationship with the sea. Many of the city residents have devoted their lives to the sea, and there are multi-generational families of seamen, sailors, port and shipyard workers. Every year Gdynia hosts the Gdynia Maritime Economy Forum, where industry representatives discuss the directions for growth and the opportunities in this sector. The maritime character of the city is also evident in its buildings and architecture. The city’s most iconic buildings follow the streamlined ship design. The new architectural projects being developed in the city centre and the Sea City are also inspired by nautical elements.
Every year, the city hosts lavish Sea Festival celebrations. One of its regular features is the photographic walk-about, which gives participants the opportunity to take unique photos of maritime Gdynia. It is a chance to take a peek at places that are not accessible to passers-by on a daily basis. This year, amateur photographers visited the historic interiors of the Klub Marynarki Wojennej “Riwiera” [the “Riwiera” Navy Club] and the grounds of Dalmor, located by the Fishing Pier, together with the historic cold stores. They also had the opportunity to take a ride in the motorboat of the “Junga” Sailing School and take photos of the city while onboard.
Photography enthusiasts are looking forward to the next “Maritime Legend in a Lens” competition, which will be announced soon. The photography competition takes place every year and is open to both professional and amateur photographers. As usual, photographs can be entered in several categories. This year’s edition of the competition was revealed by Jacek Debis, director of strategic projects at the Gdynia Development Agency, the organiser of the competition.

– Traditionally, we will be accepting competition photographs in categories such as ‘Maritime Detail’, ‘Sea Panorama’, ‘Work at Sea’ and ‘Sea Holidays’. But there will also be a new category – ‘Tales of the Sea’, i.e. a maritime reportage from Gdynia, the port or from the deck of a ship – 3–5 photographs telling the story of people, events, ships, vessels, life at sea. Photography lovers, set the course for Gdynia! – says Jacek Debis.

photo:  Przemysław Kozłowski

Sea Festival 2021

Sea Festival 2021

This year the City of Gdynia is celebrating the “Sea Festival” with great gusto. The events and festivities will run for over a week and they begin today. The programme includes a sailing parade, planetarium shows, a family game and concerts. The events will be accompanied by a Maritime Fair and Sailing Championships and many other attractions. So let us celebrate together.

The Sea Festival traditionally begins with the commemoration of the seamen whohave departed to the eternal watch. Bouquets of flowers will be released from the deck of the „Controller-20” into the waters of the bay to commemorate the fallen. The history of the Sea Festival dates back to 1932, when it was celebrated for the first time. It was attended by the President of the Republic of Poland, Ignacy Mościcki. The pre-war tradition of celebrating Poland’s relationship with the sea, which was a key driver of the local economy years ago and was the main impetus for the city’s dynamic development, was revisited in 2013.

This year the celebrations begin on 18 June and end on 27 June. The Sea Festival cannot be held without sailing events. Sailing Yacht Race for the Polish Navy Cup, as well as the II World Polonia Sailing Championships. The St. John’s Day Sailing Parade is likely to attract many spectators. On 26 June, the official opening of the 2021 Pomeranian sailing season will be celebrated, combined with the unveiling of the commemorative plaques of Henryk Jaskuła and Andrzej Rościszewski. On Sunday, 27 June, a renewal of a boat christening ceremony will be held for the ORP „Błyskawica”, which will be attended by the daughters of Mrs Cecylia Raczyńska, the ship’s godmother.

Attractions for residents will start as early as Saturday, when the official launch of the Summer #inGdynia will take place. A Gdynia na fali [Gdynia on the wave] zone will be set up on the Seaside Boulevard. At 17:00, the Festival’s opening concert will begin at the Gdynia Concert Shell. The Gdynia Film Centre has also prepared many attractions for the fans of cinema. Jarmark Morski [Maritime Fair] will be held in Kościuszki Square. Craftsmen, handicraftsmen and artists will present handmade items for sale. There will also be an opportunity to sample regional and exotic baked goods and snacks. On 26 June there will be a vintage car parade organised by the Automobilklub Morski and an exhibition of vintage cars set up in front of the Naval Museum.
The Sea Festival will also feature restaurateurs from the Culinary Trail of the Gdynia City Centre, who have prepared a special Sea Festival menu with fish from the Baltic Sea.

A detailed schedule of the Sea Festival celebrations is available HERE.

Three cities – one destination

Three cities – one destination

Pomorska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna [Pomorskie Regional Tourist Organisation] launched a promotional campaign of the Tricity – “Three cities, one destination”. Each of these cities has its own distinct character and provides tourists with a different experience. Together they create a unique atmosphere.

The unusual arrangement of the three adjoining cities is a great asset of the Tricity, a feature that has been accentuated in the new promotional campaign. Instead of one holiday destination, you can enjoy three of them simultaneously. The Tricity with its unusual location provides tourists with many experiences, and each city offers different attractions. Each town also has a slightly different character, although all of them share the same seaside location. Gdańsk, promoting the image of itself as a city that is open onto the world, attracts with its rich history. However, Gdańsk also delights with new, fashionable venues, modern architecture which complements the historical buildings, and a rich cultural and sports activities offering. Sopot, for over than a century regarded as one of the most fashionable seaside resorts, attracts tourists longing for walks along the sweeping expanse of sandy beaches, for the atmosphere of seaside towns, small cosy pubs and cafes and the constant murmur of the sea. Gdynia, the youngest of the three – a city born of the sea and dreams, with its distinctive modernist architecture, full of green parks and happy residents.
At the beginning of the summer season, the Pomorska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna (PROT) released a video clip promoting the 3 cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. The video was shot by the Poland By Locals team and the Smooth Ads Studio, and the song was written especially for the campaign by the band Lady Killer, in collaboration with Piotr Spychała and Arkadiusz Tyda.

“The underlying concept of the campaign is to present Tricity as a place where residents enjoy a high standard of living and to provide some ideas for leisure time activities throughout the year. With this campaign and video we wish to demonstrate how much Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia have to offer jointly – at least three times as much as anywhere else” – explains PROT on its website.

The video clip shows distinctive landmarks in the Tricity area, as well as a new Tricity mural, a project which is currently underway, and which can be seen at 295 Grunwaldzka Avenue in Gdańsk. The graphic effects were created by a Gdańsk artist Piotr “Tuse” Jaworski.
The campaign is aimed at the younger audiences and therefore all communication will be conducted on social media. Advertising banners and posts will redirect to the website that will feature the tourist deals of PROT’s partners, competition forms and event maps. The first competition is already open for entries and here the participants will be asked to describe their favourite spot in the Tricity which has not been included in the promotional video. The most interesting description will be rewarded with a voucher to the value of PLN 600, to be redeemed at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Gdańsk.

The Ocean Race Europe Prologue in Gdynia

Four ocean-going VO65 class yachts could be seen competing in Gdynia. The boats taking part in the first leg of The Ocean Race Europe Prologue arrived in Gdynia from Klaipeda. The crews were stationed here for three days, during which they held four inshore races for the Mayor of Gdynia Cup within the Bay of Gdańsk.

The boats departed from Klaipeda on 10 May, starting their first leg of The Ocean Race Europe Prologue. Four crews took part in the race – Lithuania’s Ambersail 2, Team Childhood 1 from the Netherlands, Ocean Racing Team from Austria and a Polish team from Sailing Poland. The Polish crew was the first to arrive in the port of Gdynia. The battle for second place went on until the very end. Finally, the Lithuanian yacht Ambersail2 won it. During their three-day stay in Gdynia, the vessels also competed in four inshore races for the Mayor of Gdynia Cup, which also went to the Sailing Poland crew.

– This is a momentous event in the history of Gdynia and Polish sailing. This is the first time that the high-speed racing yachts VO65 have arrived in our city – comments Tomasz Chamera, the President of the Polish Sailing Association and Vice-President of World Sailing. And he adds: – We, as the Polish Sailing Association, will always support such initiatives. This is a great promotion, which helps to make sailing more popular, especially among young sailors, who can gain experience from veterans of transoceanic racing and, above all, have fun with sailing, proving to themselves and others that this is a great sports activity for developing a wide range of skills.

Marek Łucyk, Deputy Mayor of Gdynia for Development, pointed out the city’s close ties with sailing.

– I am proud that once again we can host such excellent sailors and a top-class regatta in Gdynia. I appreciate the great commitment of all those who have contributed to the success, which is undoubtedly the creation of such a strong Polish race crew and getting a yacht, that is closely associated with our city, ready for competition. Knowing the professionalism and perseverance of Mr Tomasz Chamera, the President, I am convinced that a lot of good things are still in store for us, as far as sailing and Gdynia are concerned – he added.

The crews left Gdynia on 12 May, thus completing the Gdańsk Bay leg of the race. The yachts set off for Stockholm, passing the turning point marker buoy in Sopot on the way. The route of The Ocean Race Europe Prologue continued through Cascais, Alicante and on to Genoa, where the yachts arrived on 13 June. The regatta is a prelude to the European leg of the world’s toughest fully crewed circumnavigation race, which starts on 27 May in Lorient, France.

photo: The Ocean Race Prologue Gdynia /// fot. M.Urbaniak/