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Modern office buildings in Śródmieście Morskie

Polski Holding Nieruchomości [Polish Real Estate Holding] is searching for a general contractor of the Marina Office complex to be constructed at Hryniewickiego 10 Street in Gdynia.

A modern office complex will be located in the vicinity of the Bay of Gdańsk offering a view of Kościuszki Square, next to the flag investment of the PHN Capital Group – the Yacht Park. Marina Office is a complex that consists of three independent five-storey buildings sharing a garage hall with a total area of 27,000 square meters. Architectural design is developed by the studio S.A.M.I. Architekci Mariusz Lewandowski i Wspólnicy [S.A.M.I. Architects Mariusz Lewandowski and Partners]. As the investor described the undertaking – the creators of the building complex were inspired by a shell with its rough external surface and a smooth iridescent interior. A very distinctive mezzanine can be seen in the south-western part of the front building. Tenants of the office buildings will be able to rest at the internal green patio in the middle of the complex. An excellent location of buildings in the city centre and a unique view of the bay will surely attract many tenants.

The Yacht Park housing estate that consists of six residential buildings and a marina for 120 yachts are currently being constructed in the vicinity of the complex. The apartments are to be completed next year.