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In Gdynia, about quality of life

How to create and develop contemporary cities to improve the quality of life of their residents – the participants of the third edition of Real Estate Impactor, a conference organized in Gdynia by the “Rzeczpospolita” newspaper have wondered.

Over 200 participants of the conference, among them local government members, urban planners, investors and developers, in Gdynia, for two days (20-21.05) discussed the quality of life in the city as a service provided to its residents. At present, apart from the so-called hard, measurable indicators of the development of cities in various rankings, more and more often, residents’ satisfaction with life in their city is being examined. This satisfaction in question consists of many factors that facilitate and brighten residents’ life in the agglomerations.

According to Anna Krzyżanowska, the editor-in-chief of the Real Estate desk in “Rzeczpospolita”, by 2050, over 75 per cent of society will have lived in cities. That is why it is worth considering what these cities will be like, how either life reality, work and spending time will look like.
The participants had been welcomed by Gdynia’s economy vice-president, Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała, who admitted that Gdynia’s strategy to 2030 assumes the improvement of the quality of life of its residents.

This is a Congress that allows the interchange of information between the local government and the business industry, in a manner leading to more thorough, mutual understanding. So that the business may better understand, where more common good should be accumulated, and that simultaneously, we would better understand the business needs and be capable of adapting to them. This time, we are talking about the quality of life. This is a perfect topic to be raised when it comes to being discussed in Gdynia. There will also be a talk about, how attention to the quality of life affects the strategy. Our strategy until 2030, as a horizontal goal, bets on the quality of life and we try to act in a manner so that would be the ultimate goal of everything that we do in the city,” Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała said during the welcome.

The first speech of the Congress was the presentation of Slagin Parakatil, Director of Mercer, a valued expert in the field of assessing the attractiveness of cities in numerous countries. He pointed out that, nowadays, the quality of life is a determinant of urban development strategies, and each city has certain special features that should be utilized and supported.

Architects and developers talked about development and urban projects for residents. Private and public initiatives that can improve the quality of life were also the subject of the discussion.

The first day of the Conference was culminated by the award of the REAL ESTATE IMPACTOR prizes for the most spectacular and most significant projects that change the face of their surroundings. The statuettes were handed by the mayor of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek, and the vice-president of Gdynia, Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała.