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Humbleness in architecture

The participants of the 11th Architecture Weekend will face the difficult concept of “humbleness” in the approach to sustainable urban design and development. The speakers will consider how to create new urban spaces taking into account the context of the site and its surroundings, while respecting social responsibility.

Another Architecture Weekend is coming up. This cyclical event brings together professionals involved in shaping urban space, as well as architecture enthusiasts. They gather every year in Gdynia to discuss current challenges facing designers and urban planners. This year (26-29.08), the theme is humbleness, modesty, restraint – both as a guideline for architects, local authorities and residents themselves.
The post-pandemic world has also changed the way we think about both urban and building design. The use of urban spaces has changed, as have housing needs. This topic will be addressed by the participants in the debate entitled “The New Minimum – what kind of housing do Polish women and men need?”. They will discuss the standards that the new housing developments should meet, consider what tools are available to change the current housing situation, and how much and what kind of housing space our fellow countrymen and women require.
Prof. Michał Stangel of the Silesian University of Technology will share some interesting insights into how city dwellers have altered their way of life after the pandemic.

The opening day of the event will begin with lectures focused on the theme “Living Between Buildings – The Humble City”. Speakers will include Paweł Paradowski and Przemysław Kokot from the architectural design studio ZOA Architekci, who will talk about their experiences in urban design in sub-Saharan Africa, based on the example of the city of Kalemie in the DR of Congo.

The second day of this year’s ARCHI Lectures in Gdynia will be devoted to 20th century architecture. Speakers will discuss such topics as public and post-industrial buildings of the 20th century, as well as the concept of “humbleness and pride” of Brutalist architecture. Panellists will discuss examples of projects and their implementation in Poland and in Europe. Dr Justyna Borucka will discuss the concept of post-industrial and public architecture in the Tricity in the 20th century.

In addition to heated discussions and interesting presentations, the event organisers have also prepared many additional attractions for their regular guests. There will be film shows about architecture and architects, meetings with book authors, photo walks and exhibitions, as well as architecture workshops for children and teens.
The Architecture Weekend was organised in partnership with The National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning. The contractor and coordinator of the event is the Gdynia Development Agency.
The event programme is available HERE.