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Gdynia’s port is developing

The new ferry terminal in Gdynia received PLN 117 million in EU funding. The Port of Gdynia Authority has just selected a contractor for the project, which will enable the service of larger passenger ferries of up to 245 meters in length.

The terminal is to be built at ul. Polska, in the vicinity of the Museum of Emigration. The land plot for the project is ready for the commencement of construction works. Four old port buildings and a transformer station were demolished there. On 18 June this year, the Port Authority and the Director of the EU Transport Projects Centre signed an agreement on EU subsidization of the project for an amount of PLN 117 million.

Thanks to this investment, even larger passenger ferries with a length of 240 metres will arrive in Gdynia. At present, the terminal enables the mooring of ferries with a length of
175 m. The new location of the terminal will enable easier ferries manoeuvring and shortening of the time of their stay in the port, as well as significantly facilitate access to the centre of Gdynia for passengers arriving on ferries. The service of ships in the new terminal is to last up to 120 minutes, from the start of the mooring operation until the departure of the ferry. Passengers will be able to take advantage of new facilities. The road and railway system is to be reconstructed.

The new ferry terminal will be connected to the international transport system via the A1 motorway. It will also contribute to the development of the Gdynia-Karlskrona sea line connections.