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Gdynia’s most fashionable address

The Kashubian Square changes its nature. Today, just like before the war, it starts to play the role of the city centre again. It’s around it that new developers invest in attractive buildings. Is the Kashubian Square becoming the most fashionable address in Gdynia?

A few years ago, the Kashubian Square, along with the City Centre’s urban complex, was entered into the register of historic monuments as a testimony to the first development phase of Gdynia. New buildings proposed by investors refer to the historical architecture of the city’s origins. Before the war, the Kashubian Square was the centre of pre-war Gdynia. After the war, it was primarily the communication loop, where trolleybuses and buses met. A few years ago, the city authorities began to restore its function of the city square. Today we are witnessing the emergence of new buildings and change in the nature of the square.

A residential-service apartment building is being erected at Św. Piotra Street no. 6. The investor is BP Gorski. 227 apartments with a total usable area of 13,500 square meters will be located on 18 floors. You will see a beautiful view of the Gdansk Bay from the apartments located on the top floors. Glazed facades and comfortable terraces will allow you to enjoy the advantages of a great location. The apartment building is a 5-minute walk from the Kosciuszko Square, the city beach and the Gdynia marina. The residents will be able to enjoy the charms of life in the city centre, proximity of cafes and restaurants, and relax at the seaside at the same time. Morning jogging along the seashore, and then an aromatic coffee in a nearby cafe? This is how the residents of the apartments located at Św. Piotra Street no. 6 can start their day.

The investor ensures that the common areas will be finished to the highest standard. The residents will have at their disposal a public reception, a gym room with a seating area, as well as lots of greenery in the entrance area. Two levels of the building are intended for garages. The shape of the lower part of the complex looks just as interesting. A green enclave is to be built above the entrance hall, which will be used only by the residents. Architecture becomes a part of Gdynia’s modernist traditions. An interesting detail of the highest part of the building are the recesses in the facade that make the body more plastic. This effect will be even more emphasized at night, because these elements will be highlighted after dark. The building was designed by Studio Tandem. The investment should be completed in the first quarter of 2023.