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Gdynia Modernism on the net

Photos and descriptions of Gdynia’s modernist buildings and details characteristic of that period are already available on the Internet. The Gdynia City Museum has launched a website „Glass, metal, detail. Gdynia Modernism on the net”.

The website „Glass, metal, detail. Gdynia Modernism on the net”( is a virtual journey to the interiors of houses, where we can take a look at original architectural details and applied technological solutions. The website presents several dozen of Gdynia’s buildings of pre-war and post-war architecture. Thanks to archival and contemporary photographs, we can take a closer look at how these buildings have changed. The characteristic elements preserved until today are presented – floors, stairs, balustrades, gates and doors. The photographic material is complemented by descriptions of the history of the buildings, including the stories of their creators, as well as producers and manufacturers of that time.
This extensive material is complemented by educational films devoted to architectural details characteristic of modernist architecture, as well as to methods of their restoration.

The website is based on materials developed for the catalogue of the award-winning exhibition „Glass, metal, detail. The Architecture of Gdynia in Details” prepared in 2016. By transferring this exhibition to the virtual world, the artists provided access to a rich collection of photographs and information about modernism to a wider audience. Today, while sitting at home, we can see the beautifully preserved staircase of a Gdynia tenement house thanks to 360-degree films. Watching a film about modernist floors, we will see the beautiful tiles, which are becoming fashionable again today and are used by contemporary interior decorators.
The creators of the website also provide access to the materials for people with special needs. The films have a sign language translation and the website is suitable for the visually impaired. They also reassure us that the website will be expanded with more material, which we are very much looking forward to…