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Former shipyard grounds for sale

Nearly 7 hectare of real estate with direct access to basin Number 9 within the maritime port of Gdyniahave been put up for sale or long-term lease by the Naval Shipyard. At this site, the Investor will be able to conduct activities related to manufacturing, port- sector business or leasing of office space.

The property offered up for sale includes office buildings, warehouses, as well as the necessary energy-supply and road infrastructure. The future Investor of the real estate at Śmidowicza Street will be able to conduct activities related to manufacturing, running of port – sector business or leasing of office space at the site. The Shipyard’s plans to sell or lease part of its property are linked directly to the ongoing process of scaling down and consolidating its production space.

“For the past two years we have been successsively vacating production and warehouse premises located furthest away from the sites of construction and ship repairs and relocating the specific operations to be in closer proximity, thus eliminating time delays due to movement of employees and materials,” Konrad Konefał, CEO of the Naval Shipyard explains.

The Shipyard CEO also revealed the company’s development plans for the nearest future, funded by the proceeds from the sale.
“Our plans include the construction of a new production facility to be used by the mechanics, offshore pipelines and locksmith departments. With this goal in mind, we wish to secure investment funds originating from that part of our capital, made available to external stakeholders, that is not indispensable to our current operations,” the CEO added.

In the advertisement the Shipyard doesn’t limit or prohibit any stakeholders or businesses which could operate from its site. Offers made on part, as well as the sum total of the land and buildings are welcome. Nor is there any preferred method for the bidder to take over this real estate, both purchase and lease agreements will be accepted. The deadline for submitting offers is 13 March.
The Naval Shipyard was established in January 2018 following the acquisition of the assets of the Polish Navy Shipyard that went into liquidation. Polish Naval Shipyard Gdynia SA is part of the Polish Armaments Group.


photo: Naval Shipyard