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“Culinary Świetojanska“ [Kulinarna Świętojańska] appreciated

The Gdynia event “Culinary Świętojańska” [Kulinarna Świętojańska] has been singled out by the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship during the celebrations of the World Tourism Day. It was praised for the very interesting tourist offer, which attracts numerous food lovers who enjoy gourmet cuisine.

World Tourism Day, celebrated on 27 September, is an opportunity to appreciate and award those who devote themselves to creating events that provide us with interesting ways to enjoy our leisure time. Amongst them are tourism organisers, owners and staff of hotels and restaurants, tourist guides, tour guides and many other professions. Every year during these celebrations the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship presents the awards for the best events of the previous year, and singles out the prominent personalities from the tourism industry. This year the Pomorskie celebrations took place online due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Gdynia „Culinary Świętojańska” festival received a distinction in the category “Tourist Offer”. This event takes place in one of the most popular streets of Gdynia and contributes to the promotion of the city project “Culinary Route of Central Gdynia”[Szlak Kulinarny Centrum Gdyni]. The festival attracts numerous fans of good food and those who follow the latest culinary trends. Restaurateurs serve specialties inspired by cuisine from different parts of the world and are eager to put on live cooking demonstrations at their stands. The festival provides an opportunity to enjoy leisure time in the open urban space, together with family and friends, in close proximity of delicious cuisine. In 2019, the event drew 5 thousand participants.

– We are very pleased with the award for the “Culinary Świętojańska”, especially at the time when Gdynia sees the start of the new edition of the Culinary Weekend. The two events are closely linked – both promoting excellent Gdynia restaurateurs, who are members of the Culinary Route of Central Gdynia. Tourism is extremely important to our city. We are carefully preparing our offer, which is consistent with the city’s strategy and the strategy of tourism development. We are working in close collaboration with the Gdynia Tourism Council. The events and attractions we have prepared, are designed to serve both the tourists and the Gdynia residents. The award for the “Culinary Świętojańska” only confirms it – states Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała, Deputy Mayor of Gdynia for Economy.

Culinary tourism is gaining a growing following. Exploring and visiting cities and countries through learning local flavors is becoming increasingly popular. Gdynia has a wide variety of restaurants offering a rich variety of flavors. Gdynia restaurants are already highly rated and have numerous supporters who come to the city specifically to have lunch or dinner in their favorite place.