The 95th anniversary of the Port of Gdynia

Ninety five years ago, the Sejm of the Second Polish Republic decided to build a port in an unknown village of Gdynia. Currently, the Port of Gdynia is one of the most important south Baltic marine centres and one of the largest employers in the city.

In June 1920, Tadeusz Wenda, Eng. was appointed to find a place for the construction of the port and to draw up its project. He pointed out Gdynia as the most convenient place for the investment. During that time the town was populated by 1.3 thousand residents and there were 132 houses. In Gdynia and in neighbouring villages – Obłuż, Oksyw, Oksywskie Piaski, and Kolibki, 135 people cultivated fishery. They had 6 motor vessels, 10 sailing ships and 103 rowing boats. In 1921 the construction of the port began. At first it was going to be a place for small warships and a port of refuge for fishermen. It was only on 23rd of September 1922 that due to the public pressure, the Sejm adopted the law authorising the government to build a port in Gdynia.
Within several years the port of Gdynia became the largest port in the Baltic and one of the largest ports in Europe. It got ahead, in terms of the volume of trade, such ports as Copenhagen, Bremen, Amsterdam, Genoa, Naples and Trieste. During 95 years of its functioning the port of Gdynia was constantly changing and evolving. In 2005, the 500th million ton of cargo in the postwar history of the port was transshipped. The construction of the estacade and the ramp to load trucks on the upper decks of ferries was completed in the same year. In 2006, side handling in Gdynia Container Terminal was inaugurated.
The Management Board of Morski Port Gdynia announces the further investments. These will include the construction of a new manoeuvring basin and operations concerning a new public port terminal, along with deepening port basins and the newest issue – the External Harbour which in the next ten years will become a great opportunity for the development of the port of Gdynia.

Building permit approved

Governor of Pomerania approved the permit to build Yacht Park residential complex and a marina for 120 boats. In autumn, we will know the investment contractor. The investor has launched the sale of apartments of the 1st stage of the investment.

Yacht Park is a prestigious investment situated on the Molo Rybackie (Rybackie Pier) in Gdynia with a view to period sailing ships and modernistic city centre. The project includes the construction of a luxury residential complex with a modern marina and an avenue with boutiques and restaurants. The investment is carried out by Grupa Kapitałowa Polskiego Holdingu Nieruchomości SA.

Yacht Park will consist of six 5-floor multi-family residential buildings located on the area of 6,3 thousand m2. In total, 12,000 m2 of useful floor area will be built as part of the complex, including 135 apartments of the total floor area amounting to 9,600 m2. Premises located on the ground floor of the buildings will be used for commercial and service activity. Among investments carried out within the area of Molo Rybackie (Rybackie Pier), inter alia, a marina for 120 boats will be built.

Until 8 September this year, the investor invites bids of companies wishing to undertake to build the complex. The investment’s completion is planned for 2019.

New face of the Kaszubski Square

The City Centre of Gdynia is changing its face. The City is bringing order to its space, and investors are ready to erect new buildings referring to the present architecture and the location of the city. The Kaszubski Square is also undergoing a transformation. The Square is very popular among the residents of Gdynia, and now it is becoming a very prestigious place.

The area of the Kaszubski Square (including Żeromskiego and Świętego Piotra streets) has become famous in recent years as an area of street art artists’ activity, including works created during successive editions of the Traffic Design Festival. Currently, developers are more and more interested in that area, which borders directly with the Sea City. At the junction of Węglowa, Wendy and Portowa streets, the 17-storey Portova apartment house is to be built until 2020.
Recently, the city has sold another plot located at 23 Św. Piotra Street. It was purchased by the Kwamar company from Koszalin. According to the local zoning plan, a multi-family housing with services-related premises in the ground floor may be erected on that area. A construction of a high rise building of 55 metres, that is of about 18 storeys, will be commenced by yet another investor in the same street this year.

Weekend of Architecture

Lectures and talks, discovering modernist architecture during thematic walks, as well as film screenings – these are the elements of the rich programme of the 7th Weekend of Architecture. One of the lectures will be devoted to the development of the Sea City in Gdynia.


The urban layout of the City Centre of Gdynia was recognized as a Historic Monument by the President of Poland in 2016. This highest national distinction is granted to the most important monuments in Poland. The City Centre of Gdynia, as an outstanding achievement of the Polish modernism, joint the elite group of 60 monuments holding that status. The Weekend of Architecture, dedicated to the recognizable style of the city, has already become part of the cultural programme of Gdynia. For three days, lovers and connoisseurs of architecture and design will be able to discover the modernism of Gdynia during thematic walks around the city, as well as listen to numerous talks and lectures given by experts concerning various issues related to that style.  The walk routes will lead through modernist gardens, terraces and yards, and trace modernist details, as well as interior décor and fittings. During talks and discussions, architects will discuss the modern development of cities, creating of common urban space, the role of nature in urbanized areas, as well as the revitalisation of Gdynia. On the first day of the event, the speakers will discuss Urban Modernisations – the leading theme of this year’s Weekend of Architecture. The second day will be devoted mainly to the interwar modernist architecture. Marek Karzyński, PhD, Eng. of Architecture, Head of the Spatial Planning Office in Gdynia, will open the Sunday’s block of lectures by presenting e.g. spatial planning designs for the Sea City in Gdynia. The programme of the Weekend contains also screenings of documentaries about architecture, as well as thematic exhibitions and creativity workshops.
The Weekend of Architecture Programme is available at

Wind and Water Trade Fair

The Wind and Water Trade Fair is an opportunity to see more than 120 models of newest boats, luxury speed boats, majestic yachts and fast jet skis. The most beautiful sailing and motor yacht will win the GDYNIA YACHT DESIGN prize awarded by the Mayor of the City of Gdynia.

The trade fair propagating the idea of maritime sailing and water sports is being held in Gdynia for the 12th time, each year attracting the enthusiasts of various forms of sailing. For four days between July 27th and July 30th, you will have an opportunity to see yachts and boats from Polish and foreign shipyards, including premier vessels making their debut on the market. This year’s event will feature a presentation of the latest motor yacht released by the Delphia Yacht shipyard – BluEscape 1200. According to the manufacturer, this yacht will satisfy the tastes and needs of even the most demanding customers.
It will also be a great opportunity to meet renowned sailors. The trade fair will be attended by Captain Krzysztof Baranowski, a sailor with a quarter million nautical miles sailed on various waters, concept author and builder of Pogoria and Fryderyk Chopin yachts, founder of the “School under the Sails”, and Captain Joanna Pajkowska who sailed more than 200 thousand nautical miles during voyages, solo and two-person races.

The trade fair will also be a fantastic opportunity to see what reputable car brands have to offer, as Mercedes, Maserati and Land Rover Poland car dealers have announced that they will exhibit their cars at the Fair.
On Saturday and Sunday, a free yachting education workshop will be held at the Polish Yachting Association’s stand.

All sailing enthusiasts are invited to the Gdynia marina.

Photo: Karol Stańczak/Urząd Miasta Gdyni

Maritime Legend of the City Centre

The Gdynia Development Agency has announced that they will hold a competition to depict the maritime legend of the city in photographs. Many of the photographs which were entered into a similar competition last year were taken in the area of the City Centre by the Sea (Śródmieście Morskie). It is worth taking up your camera again this year and setting off in search of the best maritime shots.


The competition is directed both at amateur and professional photographers. The organisers have created five categories, and the maritime theme runs through all of them:

  • The White Frigate – a category created to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the raising of the flag on “Dar Młodzieży”,
  • Gdynia Seaside Holidays – photographs should depict summer relaxation in Gdynia to do with the sea,
  • Legendary places – photographs should depict Gdynia’s maritime attractions of historical interest,
  • Man and the Sea – portraits of people with ties to the sea,
  • Maritime Events – maritime photo features.

Photos should be sent on or before 14 September, except for the White Frigate category where the closing date for submission is 4 July 2017. Surroundings of the City Centre by the Sea (Śródmieście Morskie) contain exquisite shots. In many places, mementos of the past can be found as well as buildings already considered historical.  Locations used by the shipbuilding industry were until recently inaccessible to the public. At present, in the area left vacant by the shipyards, the local government in conjunction with business investors is creating a modern city district.

Competition rules are available at

Photo Krzysztof Winciorek

A joint Park development

In three years time the inhabitants of Gdynia will have another rest and recreation venue. At the moment, an opinion poll is being conducted among residents regarding the development of Central Park.

The Gdynia Central Park will stretch along Piłsudski Avenue, between Świętojańska and Legionów Streets. The design, developed by the Gdynia Centre for Sports, proposes that the area be divided into two zones – a quiet zone and an active one. The quiet zone will include space for rest, picnics, boules and badminton. In the active zone there are plans for a multifunctional playing field, which could be used for ice-skating in winter. Two paths are to be laid out around a centrally located pond – one for runners and one for rollerbladers. Beneath the park the construction of an underground parking for approximately 280 bays has been planned.

The city authorities have invited the residents to participate in the development of the park and contribute ideas to come up with interesting solutions. The residents delivered their input during meetings at the city hall and during research walks. Community consultations regarding Central Park will continue until 7 July.
– All observations and points made will be considered with regard to their workability and also whether they will attractive to the wide spectrum of residents – announced Michał Guć, the Vice-president of Gdynia in charge of innovation. – The final proposal for the development of this space will be presented after an analysis of findings submitted during the community consultations – he added.

Portova – another showcase in the City Centre?

This year sees work commencing on the construction of another high rise building situated in the area of the City Centre by the Sea. The architecture of the 17-storey building which has bright and geometric facades is a fusion of the contemporary with modernist elements, something which already constitutes a recognisable feature of Gdynia.

The Portova will be built at the intersection of Węglowa, Wenda and Portowa Streets, enabling the residents to have access to the city amenities in close proximity to the beach and the sea. It is an ideal location for active people, enthusiasts of urban living, which at the same time provides the opportunity to relax at the nearby Nadmorski Boulevard.
There will be 271 apartments in the building. The ground floor will house several commercial premises. The residents will have at their disposal, among other things, a fitness club with weight and circuit training rooms, sauna and a children’s play area. Apart from small private gardens, all residents will have access to spacious inner courtyards.

The project has been designed by Studio Kwadrat Architects. Construction will be undertaken by Invest Komfort – a Tricity developer. The construction project will take place in the second half of 2017. Completion is predicted for the end of 2020.

Gdynia – a city with a vision

Real Estate Impactor, a two-day real estate congress, organised in Gdynia by the Rzeczpospolita daily, devoted to the contemporary challenges facing this sector’s development, has just come to its conclusion.


The event brought together experts and specialists from the real estate field, who in the two days attempted to find an answer to the question of how socio-demographic changes influence the development of new formats in the area of real estate and to assess the degree to which the challenges of today’s world influence the business environment. On the first day, the panellists also considered global challenges as seen from the perspective of the real estate sector. On the second day of the congress, Gdynia president Wojciech Szczurek participated in a discussion focusing on local government officials as those who accelerate the pace of urban development.

The globalisation of the economic trends which dominate the real estate market constitutes an essential factor influencing urban development – stated Wojciech Szczurek, Gdynia’s president during an interview with Rzeczpospolita journalist, Karolina Kowalska. – As seen from the local government perspective, the possibility of entering discussions on what drives this development, and utilising the experience of professional investors, is an opportunity to discover the best path to success. Proceeding on this path, there is always the public interest to be considered on the one hand, that is the needs of the residents, and on the other – the developments, which constitute the fuel of economic development.

Office building at Wendy 15

Morska Agencja Gdynia (MAG) completed the reconstruction of an old warehouse located at Wendy 15, which was transformed into a modern office building.

Morska Agencja Gdynia has specialized in transport in logistics for 65 years. The reconstruction of the old warehouse was started two years ago in May 2015. One of its parts located in the rear area of the main building was transformed into a six-story office building with a rental area of approx. 5 thousand square meters. Commercial areas of approx. 300 square meters are located on the ground floor. Office premises of area ranging from 300 to 790 square meters are located on higher floors. New tenants have already started to move in. A reconstruction of the front part of the building, a central office of MAG, is planned for this year as well. The aim is to adjust it to the new part of the office building.