Wind and Water Trade Fair

The Wind and Water Trade Fair is an opportunity to see more than 120 models of newest boats, luxury speed boats, majestic yachts and fast jet skis. The most beautiful sailing and motor yacht will win the GDYNIA YACHT DESIGN prize awarded by the Mayor of the City of Gdynia.

The trade fair propagating the idea of maritime sailing and water sports is being held in Gdynia for the 12th time, each year attracting the enthusiasts of various forms of sailing. For four days between July 27th and July 30th, you will have an opportunity to see yachts and boats from Polish and foreign shipyards, including premier vessels making their debut on the market. This year’s event will feature a presentation of the latest motor yacht released by the Delphia Yacht shipyard – BluEscape 1200. According to the manufacturer, this yacht will satisfy the tastes and needs of even the most demanding customers.
It will also be a great opportunity to meet renowned sailors. The trade fair will be attended by Captain Krzysztof Baranowski, a sailor with a quarter million nautical miles sailed on various waters, concept author and builder of Pogoria and Fryderyk Chopin yachts, founder of the “School under the Sails”, and Captain Joanna Pajkowska who sailed more than 200 thousand nautical miles during voyages, solo and two-person races.

The trade fair will also be a fantastic opportunity to see what reputable car brands have to offer, as Mercedes, Maserati and Land Rover Poland car dealers have announced that they will exhibit their cars at the Fair.
On Saturday and Sunday, a free yachting education workshop will be held at the Polish Yachting Association’s stand.

All sailing enthusiasts are invited to the Gdynia marina.

Photo: Karol Stańczak/Urząd Miasta Gdyni

Maritime Legend of the City Centre

The Gdynia Development Agency has announced that they will hold a competition to depict the maritime legend of the city in photographs. Many of the photographs which were entered into a similar competition last year were taken in the area of the City Centre by the Sea (Śródmieście Morskie). It is worth taking up your camera again this year and setting off in search of the best maritime shots.


The competition is directed both at amateur and professional photographers. The organisers have created five categories, and the maritime theme runs through all of them:

  • The White Frigate – a category created to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the raising of the flag on “Dar Młodzieży”,
  • Gdynia Seaside Holidays – photographs should depict summer relaxation in Gdynia to do with the sea,
  • Legendary places – photographs should depict Gdynia’s maritime attractions of historical interest,
  • Man and the Sea – portraits of people with ties to the sea,
  • Maritime Events – maritime photo features.

Photos should be sent on or before 14 September, except for the White Frigate category where the closing date for submission is 4 July 2017. Surroundings of the City Centre by the Sea (Śródmieście Morskie) contain exquisite shots. In many places, mementos of the past can be found as well as buildings already considered historical.  Locations used by the shipbuilding industry were until recently inaccessible to the public. At present, in the area left vacant by the shipyards, the local government in conjunction with business investors is creating a modern city district.

Competition rules are available at

Photo Krzysztof Winciorek

A joint Park development

In three years time the inhabitants of Gdynia will have another rest and recreation venue. At the moment, an opinion poll is being conducted among residents regarding the development of Central Park.

The Gdynia Central Park will stretch along Piłsudski Avenue, between Świętojańska and Legionów Streets. The design, developed by the Gdynia Centre for Sports, proposes that the area be divided into two zones – a quiet zone and an active one. The quiet zone will include space for rest, picnics, boules and badminton. In the active zone there are plans for a multifunctional playing field, which could be used for ice-skating in winter. Two paths are to be laid out around a centrally located pond – one for runners and one for rollerbladers. Beneath the park the construction of an underground parking for approximately 280 bays has been planned.

The city authorities have invited the residents to participate in the development of the park and contribute ideas to come up with interesting solutions. The residents delivered their input during meetings at the city hall and during research walks. Community consultations regarding Central Park will continue until 7 July.
– All observations and points made will be considered with regard to their workability and also whether they will attractive to the wide spectrum of residents – announced Michał Guć, the Vice-president of Gdynia in charge of innovation. – The final proposal for the development of this space will be presented after an analysis of findings submitted during the community consultations – he added.

Portova – another showcase in the City Centre?

This year sees work commencing on the construction of another high rise building situated in the area of the City Centre by the Sea. The architecture of the 17-storey building which has bright and geometric facades is a fusion of the contemporary with modernist elements, something which already constitutes a recognisable feature of Gdynia.

The Portova will be built at the intersection of Węglowa, Wenda and Portowa Streets, enabling the residents to have access to the city amenities in close proximity to the beach and the sea. It is an ideal location for active people, enthusiasts of urban living, which at the same time provides the opportunity to relax at the nearby Nadmorski Boulevard.
There will be 271 apartments in the building. The ground floor will house several commercial premises. The residents will have at their disposal, among other things, a fitness club with weight and circuit training rooms, sauna and a children’s play area. Apart from small private gardens, all residents will have access to spacious inner courtyards.

The project has been designed by Studio Kwadrat Architects. Construction will be undertaken by Invest Komfort – a Tricity developer. The construction project will take place in the second half of 2017. Completion is predicted for the end of 2020.

Gdynia – a city with a vision

Real Estate Impactor, a two-day real estate congress, organised in Gdynia by the Rzeczpospolita daily, devoted to the contemporary challenges facing this sector’s development, has just come to its conclusion.


The event brought together experts and specialists from the real estate field, who in the two days attempted to find an answer to the question of how socio-demographic changes influence the development of new formats in the area of real estate and to assess the degree to which the challenges of today’s world influence the business environment. On the first day, the panellists also considered global challenges as seen from the perspective of the real estate sector. On the second day of the congress, Gdynia president Wojciech Szczurek participated in a discussion focusing on local government officials as those who accelerate the pace of urban development.

The globalisation of the economic trends which dominate the real estate market constitutes an essential factor influencing urban development – stated Wojciech Szczurek, Gdynia’s president during an interview with Rzeczpospolita journalist, Karolina Kowalska. – As seen from the local government perspective, the possibility of entering discussions on what drives this development, and utilising the experience of professional investors, is an opportunity to discover the best path to success. Proceeding on this path, there is always the public interest to be considered on the one hand, that is the needs of the residents, and on the other – the developments, which constitute the fuel of economic development.

Office building at Wendy 15

Morska Agencja Gdynia (MAG) completed the reconstruction of an old warehouse located at Wendy 15, which was transformed into a modern office building.

Morska Agencja Gdynia has specialized in transport in logistics for 65 years. The reconstruction of the old warehouse was started two years ago in May 2015. One of its parts located in the rear area of the main building was transformed into a six-story office building with a rental area of approx. 5 thousand square meters. Commercial areas of approx. 300 square meters are located on the ground floor. Office premises of area ranging from 300 to 790 square meters are located on higher floors. New tenants have already started to move in. A reconstruction of the front part of the building, a central office of MAG, is planned for this year as well. The aim is to adjust it to the new part of the office building.

The attractiveness of the Sea City

Designers, representatives of credit institutions as well as administrators of housing cooperatives from Hamburg admired the modernism of Gdynia and development projects in the Sea City.


The areas of the Sea City as well as plans of its restoration arouse interest among experts specializing in the development of urban space. On 7 April 2017, a group consisting of 25 representatives of a community, which since 1980 has gathered people operating in the field of properties in Germany, starting from design, through property management to financing, visited Gdynia. Under “Housing dialog” program, each year they visit selected European cities. This year, they came to Gdańsk and Gdynia.

The visitors saw modernist buildings in Gdynia and visited new areas of the Sea City under modernization as well. Marek Karzyński, Head of the Land Management Office in Gdynia, provided the visitors with the information on the development plans for this part of the city. The visitors were impressed by a miniature model presenting the development of the City Center which is available in InfoBox in Gdynia.
The visitors also met with the architects of post-shipyard areas – Wojciech Targowski from Fort Architekci as well as Zbigniew Reszka and Michał Baryżewski from ArchDeco – who provided them with the latest ideas of development for this area.

Polish City of the Future

Gdynia has become the Polish City of the Future 2017/2018 in the opinion of the fDi magazine belonging to the Financial Times group. The Mayor of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek, collected this prestigious prize during the investment market in Cannes.

Gdynia received the title of the City of the Future in medium-sized cities category for the second time in row. It also received 9 accolades in other categories. The fDi Intelligence internet portal collected data in five categories: economic potential, business facilities, human capital and lifestyle, profitability, and infrastructure and communication. The research determined 50 best Polish cities fulfilling the criteria of fDi Markets projects.
“Gdynia placed very well in the ranking, achieving first place among medium-sized cities,” said Courtney Figar, the editor-in-chief of fDi Magazine. “Economic potential, business friendliness and infrastructure were highly rated. It was pointed out in the justification that, as a place for investments, Gdynia has many strong, specific advantages. The city also undertakes actions for the purpose of economic development and supports innovations. Despite challenges, it works hard to create a competitive brand on the global investment market,” added the editor-in-chief of the magazine.
“The ‘City of the Future’ title that was awarded to Gdynia for the second time provides reasons for great satisfaction because it indicates that we achieve planned effects. It is also an acknowledgment of the efforts of the whole self-government community that are put into the modern development of Gdynia”, commented the Mayor of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek, immediately after collecting the award. “Economic potential, business conditions, innovativeness, investment climate and level of living were very highly rated by an independent group of professionals, international experts. The fact that we placed first again indicates that we chose the right development path and that our goals are consciously selected and we can implement them effectively.

The Sea Towers above Gdynia

The Sea Towers — two characteristic towers of Gdynia have been welcoming tourists sailing to Gdynia for eight years already. Today, no one can imagine Nabrzeże Prezydenta (The President’s Wharf) without these grey skyscrapers.

The construction of the Sea Towers was completed on 28th February 2009. Three years earlier, in 2006, the cornerstone was laid. The modern building is located merely twelve metres from the Bay of Gdańsk, which gives an impression that it emerges out of the sea. Such proximity to the sea was the reason for prolonged earthworks because the land required hardening and densification of the ground.
The skyscrapers were designed by Andrzej Kapuścik’s architectural studio, and the Invest Komfort SA company was the investor.
Until the Sea Towers were built, one of Gdynia’s districts, Kamienna Góra, which is situated on moraine hills, had been the highest observation point here. One of the towers has 29 floors, the other — 38. On the last floor, there is a panorama terrace, from which you may admire the Hel Peninsula and most of the Tricity. The Sea Towers were a foundation stone of the new part of the city, Śródmieście Morskie (Sea City), which is growing on the post-shipyard area.

Gdynia in Cannes

Gdynia will be presented on the world’s biggest property market – MIPIM 2017 in Cannes. Aside from an investment offer, the city prepared a promotional spot, which will be displayed for three days on a LED screen located nearby the famous Carlton Hotel.
Gdynia will participate in the market from 14th to 17th March this year as part of the Invest in Pomerania metropolitan stand. The city has prepared a specific offer for investors this year. The self-government plans to recruit entrepreneurs interested in building hotels in Śródmieście Morskie (Sea City). The offer will be presented by Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała, Deputy Mayor of Gdynia concerned with economy matters.

Gdynia will also present its promotional spot entitled “City of the Future”, showing tourism and economic values of the city. It will be the only such a Polish presentation during the market. Apart from Gdynia, materials concerning the following will be displayed: Catalonia, Dubai, Istanbul, West Yorkshire region, as well materials from Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Abu Dhabi. The most important event of the market, however, will be the receipt of the “City of the Future 2017/2018” prize, awarded to Gdynia by fDi Magazine. The prize for Gdynia for winning the category of medium-sized cities will be collected by the Mayor of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek. It is the second such prize awarded to Gdynia.