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A third tallest investment in Gdynia

The construction of the seventeen-storey Portova building is nearing its completion. The investment provides a range of attractive solutions for the residents, but the developer also took care of the landcape design of the development’s surroundings. Is this going to become a new favourite spot for the Gdynia residents?

The project design was created by Studio Kwadrat. The investor is the developer Invest Komfort, who is also responsible for the construction of the landmark Sea Towers building. Portova combines tradition with modernity, with references to traditional Gdynia architecture.

– Its architectural style clearly refers to Gdynia’s modernist tradition by using clear, simple and geometric facade lines, translated into the language of modern architecture – writes Jacek Droszcz, one of the Studio Kwadrat architects. – A new element, clearly manifested in this space, is the dominant architectural feature, which is visible even form the distant perspective of Świętojańska Street. It’s a deliberate, city-forming initiative, facilitating orientation around the city structure – he added.

271 apartments have been constructed in the building, whereas the ground floor houses commercial premises. The developer has also planned a roof-top viewing deck, from where one will be able to enjoy the seaside views. The building is distinguished by the investor’s concern to develop the common areas, where the residents can enjoy their leisure time. The 200-m space includes i.a. a private relaxation zone with a common room equipped with a snooker table, a gym as well as saunas.

– Portova offers its residents the most unique combination of common and recreational areas. An excellent example of this is the co-working office space – writes Michał Ciomek, the Project Manager at Invest Komfort. – We have implemented solutions and facilities, that foster an atmosphere of focus and creativity, while at the same time providing the highest level of work comfort.

The developer also sought to accomodate the needs of families and of the youngest of Portova residents. A children’s playground has been constructed on the green patio, and in the children’s relaxation zone a ‘kids room’ has been designed in accordance with the principles of the Montessori method, which focuses on the all round development of the child. The Gdynia character of the residential development is also reflected in the interior design. The modern and elegant interiors have been given natural material finishes. The investor also took care of the landscape architecture surrounding the building, so thatthe residents could enjoy it all year round.

– The grounds of the inner courtyards have been designed as intimate relaxation areas, with direct access restricted to the owners -says Małgorzata Sobótka of Studio Krajobraz. – All the components have been refined to the smallest detail, to make the space attractive and, above all, functional. Everything that is visible around the building at the level of the street entrance, is only a very small sample of what happens in the courtyards, the intermediate roofs and on the viewing deck.

The presence of this new construction development has made a very clear statement in this part of the city. Within the framework of Portova construction, the developer also took care of the surrounding area. One of the most troublesome intersections in the city has been reconstructed – at the intersection of the Wendy, Portowa, Węglowa and św. Piotra Streets. The work also included a system of traffic lights, elements of street furniture as well as bicycle lanes. All of these initiatives will make the space surrounding the building more attractive, widening and opening up the area of the Gdynia City Centre in the process, and creating a new, interesting urban space.

– Portova opens a new chapter in the history of the City Centre, it widens and opens it up, provides new commercial premises, and creates new opportunities for walks and bicycle trips. We firmly believe that, the Portova neighbourhood will become as popular as the Brabank area in Gdańsk, where we have extended the Motława pedestrian mall and created a new and popular riverside urban square or the New Orłowo, which by means of numerous shops, cafes and restaurants, has become a popular meeting place for the Gdynia residents. When we invest in new construction in the heart of the city, we look forward to the future, attempting to anticipate the direction of the city’s development and to provide it with a positive boost – states Krzysztof Piotrowski, the Marketing Manager at Invest Komfort.

photo: InvestKomfort