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2019 marked by investments in Sea City

2019 has brought a number of changes on the premises of Maritime City Centre. A new marina was handed over to mariners for use. Nearby there are buildings of a luxurious Yacht Park estate. Investors obtained a permit to construction of subsequent investments – Marine Office and Waterfront II.

Gdynia originated from the sea and dreams as well as today members of the local government very strongly emphasise the city’s association with the sea. Construction of the port was the first investment of the future city. On 23 September 1922, the Sejm adopted the Act on construction of the seaport in Gdynia. Thanks to this decision, within over a dozen years, the fishing settlement was transformed into one of the biggest and most modern ports in Europe, around which the city with more than 120 thousand residents was set up. In next years, the port was soundly extended and Gdynia quickly became one of the largest and most progressive ports at the Baltic Sea and evolves as a modern city.

After over 90 years as well as after political and economic changes, the city develops its potential also based on other attributes. However, its links with the sea are visible in numerous places. The released post-shipyard terrains in the city centre enabled creation of a new Sea City district. On 71 hectares of the area located at the sea at the President Quay, Fishing Pier and areas belonging to the Nauta shipyard as well as to the north of Jan z Kolna Street to the borderline with the port, a new city is formed with residential, business and servicing services. The new district will be resided by 10 thousand people and next 11 thousand will find jobs.

Sea Towers was the first investment of the Maritime City Centre, two residential tower blocks opened in 2009. Nearby, there is the Waterfront I complex which comprises the Courtyard hotel by Marriott and the 11-storey office building erected by Vastint Poland company in 2015. In July 2019, the investor received a permit to construction of the next stage of the Waterfront II. Two office buildings and two residential ones will be constructed between the Waszyngtona, Hryniewickiego and Jana Pawła II Streets.

The works are also pending in other regions of the Maritime City Centre. In June 2019, a new marina was handed over, located in the northern part of the President Basin. In July, the complex was benefited by participants of the Junior Sailing World Championships. Buildings of luxurious apartments of the Yacht Park estate have already been built near the marina. Polski Holding Nieruchomości is an investor of the facilities, which obtained a permit to construction of three Marina Office buildings in the Waszyngtona and Hryniewickiego Streets.
Several other housing estates with maritime names: Awanport and Portova are erected nearby. Their architecture refers to white modernism of Gdynia.

Gdynia was established thanks to the port. Today, the city absorbs terrains exploited by the industry and hands them over to residents and tourists. The process of creating the new district of the city has been in progress for many years. Proximity of water attracts investors and residents that were provided with a new place for recreation, rest and work.